Early Days

From a handful of songs written by Greg when he played solo at the Soft Rock Cafe open mic night, to a full fledged band and a cassette release,


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1987 - 1993

1997 - 2005


Don’t call it a comeback! As we rolled into 1997, we released the first version of Rootrospective, taking 16 songs, remixing and remastering some of them and dropping them onto a CD. Featuring some manner of “best of” from across all of our releases.

And, as part of this, we did some shows around the release of Rootrospective, and sporadic shows after that.

The Improbable Return of the ROund Up

From what was supposed to be a “one-off” reunion show in Vancouver to 50 shows in the last few years all over BC, Roots Round Up is back! 

2014 - Now